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Q-pay its Not Just a Mobile Money Transfer App

It’s a revolutionary platform that seamlessly processes both fiat and digital currencies, bringing unparalleled convenience to your financial transactions. What sets us apart is our commitment to innovation, combining traditional currency handling with the efficiency of our digital assets.

Key Features

Dual Currency Processing

Q-pay brides the gap between traditional fiat currencies and the modern digital currency landscape. Enjoy the feasibility of managingboth types of asset effortlessly within a single app

Opam Token Integrations

Q-pay introduces its native OPAM TOKENproviding users with an exclusive digital asset for enhanced transactions and investment opportunities. Benefit from the security and efficiency of blockchain technology right at your fingertips.

International Debit/Credit Card Applicational

By downloading Q-pay, users get access to hassle-free process for applying for iinternational debit/credit virtual or physical card. Collaborating with international bank, we empower our users to engage in cross-border shopping on E-commerce site with ease.

Seamless Cross-Border Shopping

Q-pay integration with global banks enables usersto make cross-border purchase on E-commerce sites effortlessly. Experience the convenience of a virtual or physical card, opening a world of possibilities for international shopping.

User-Friendly Interface

Q-pay is designed with you in mind. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience,whether you are managing your finances, transferring money, or applying for international card.

Why Choose-Q-PAY



Q-pay combines the best of both worlds-traditional and digital currencies providing a cutting edge solution for the modern user



Your financial security is our top priority. With robust encryption and secure protocols, Q-pay ensures that your transactions are safe and protected


Global Accessibility

Take your finance anywhere you go. Q-pay international card open doors for global shopping experience, making borders disappear when it comes too your purchases.



Experience the speed and efficiency of Q-pay’s transactions, whether you are sending money to a friend or making an international purchase

Revolutionize The Way You Handle Your Finance

From seamless money transfers to international shopping, We’ve got you covered. Welcome to a new era of financial convenience!

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